Wait, Aren’t We Supposed To Be Cheering?

2011 March 4

by  Nobody Special

A strange and curious thing happened on the way to work this month.  Much of the Middle East erupted into spontaneous bursts of enlightenment and classical big-L Liberalism, daring to stand up to tyrants and dictators, even driving a few of them from power like the crowd in Frankenstein chasing the monster through the village.  And yet, also more strangely and more curiously, the so called free-press in the so-called Free World has mostly failed to jump up and cheer this more than so-called burst of populism and democracy in what has been, for three generations, an otherwise bolloxed-up and festering shit-heap of corruption and decay.

But why, Mr. Grinch, why?  Why are you taking our Christmas tree?  And don’t gimme that bullshit about a light that won’t light on one side.  Tens and hundreds of thousands of regular folks are risking their lives on a daily basis, marching in the streets and even waging the start of a civil war, in pursuit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  So then why isn’t our press letting loose with the roar of the crowd, cheering with glee and overflowing with words of praise and encouragement?

Perhaps, just maybe, it might be because being cozy with the tyrants was a happy little marriage of convenience?  Could it be that freedom and democracy in the petrol states might be bad for business because the revenues and profits from oil may flow to somebody(ies) other than the currently entrenched Powers That Be?

While the press has covered the story, it seems to me that the coverage was quite less than enthusiastic, for the most part.  Yes, the appropriate and necessary levels of shock and dismay were emitted at the editorially correct places, just before cutting to yet another advertisement for a pill that will put the lignin back in the old geezer’s tree trunk, but for the most part …

Confused and halting is about the most polite that can be said for our country’s response.  More accurate might be, “Trying to figure out how the hell we missed the fact that the Arab street actually hates the bastards we’ve been propping up for the last fifty years, and scared as hell at the idea that this blowback might be at least a smidgen attributable to our own dickhead manipulations of other countries just so that we can get gas for ten cents cheaper than if the dissidents weren’t being thrown into alligator pits for laughs while the dictator’s son beats the shit out of his wife in Mayfair and then gets away with it.”

Yes, perhaps something like that.

So now what happens?  Probably the scariest scenario is that Pakistan falls but to the wrong mob of people.  Iran?  Who knows.  The mullahs there are probably willing to inflict the most damage before falling, as compared to any other states in the Middle East, but there is a tremendous baby boom of young people who are probably really tired of living under lock and key and chador and random beatings by self-appointed morality police.

Libya’s use of air superiority against the now-rebels is probably the biggest insult to Western sensibilities.  After all, Libya is probably just an hour or so by air from Sicily.  It’s not too much to say that the Western powers could probably ground everything and anything that doesn’t have a US or EU flag on its wings and tail within two days.  We even used to have a simple phrase for that: “If it flies, it dies.”  That is, if our so-called leaders had the willpower to do so.  But so far, that does not seem likely.

So then what?  I don’t know, except that for now it looks like when the smoke clears it’ll be fair to say that we stood by and did next to nothing to help freedom take root in the Arab world.

How’s that peace-y, friendly, democracy thingy working out for us?  Not so well, after all.  When it comes to putting our money where our mouth is, it really looks like the United States is all hat and no cattle.

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  1. March 4, 2011

    Greetings, one of the reasons why I think people may not be cheering so loudly at the events taking place in the Middle East could be suspicion of the US and UK’s real motives in the region.

    We only need to look at Iraq and Afghanistan for a precursor of things to come as the oil-thirsty vampires hover above the region.

    True peace in our time.

  2. March 5, 2011

    Great discussion topic! If I don’t already know who you are, welcome. I would have to say that, given the current climate in the States for foreign adventures, we’re taking basically the right steps in dealing with this situation.
    I agree, however, that if we’re going to support these ideals, we have to back it up. I agree also that the most we could probably get away with (including having to weather Beck, Rush, etc. jumping on any American military involvement in Libya as proof of President Obama’s secret desire to bring about the world wide caliphate) would be enforcing a UN ordered “No-Fly” zone over Libya. The problem is, as SECDEF Gates told Congress this week, “Any no fly zone over Libya begins with an attack on Libya.” He was making reference to the fact that we would have to attack and destroy Libya’s anti-aircraft capabilities so that we could own the skies. I don’t think that the optics (yes, misguided, perverted, and misused) as they will be, allow that option to be put in place just yet. It sucks, people will die, Gaddafi will hang on longer and it will be more like a Civil War than Egypt or Tunisia. I think that we should act as the French Navy did during our revolution, the anvil to the Colonials’ hammer. Problem is, we can’t do much until the anti-government forces back Gaddafi into his own Yorktown.

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