To The Fascists who met recently in DC

2016 November 22
by Mike Parmele

So, we’re going to have to do this again, are we? We’re going to have to have the conversation about fascism (you won’t call it fascism, you’ll call it being proud of your race and fighting to save its heritage, which is the best civilization the world has ever known).

We had this argument last century, you know? It cost dozens of millions of lives and was the greatest conflagration the world has ever known. This argument unleashed terrors, technologies, and destruction on a scale which humanity had yet to encounter. Quite correctly, our species was willing to stake its very survival on the question.

No to Fascism!

It is, in fact, better that we be wiped out as a species on the planet than have the question go the other way.

No to Fascism!

I understand that anything the President-Elect may say disavowing your position, renouncing your support, or, most likely, saying some group of words which mean things other than he understands, matters not to you. I understand that, in him, you see the empty vessel (on this, we agree) into which you may pour your worldview – trust me, if I were a Fascist, he’d be my guy too. I get it – suspecting that the same self-serving, authoritarian instincts which guide the President-Elect will advance your own self-serving, authoritarian wet dreams.

Trust me, I understand why you feel flushed with excitement about a possible “our idea was just a century too soon” renaissance.

However, trust me also when I say, it isn’t going to happen. Those of us who prize actual liberty, actual freedom, and actual self-determination see your game, we’ve been waiting for you. We learned the lessons of the past and have been awaiting your return and attempt to find new root in an amnesiac public more concerned with free delivery of *insert your product here.*

By the way, to Mr. Richard Spencer and some of his other compatriots at the recent meeting in DC, you’re cowards. At least a few of your attendees had the courage to make the Hitlergruß. Your half measures of the arm gesture while holding a glass as though making a toast shows you lack the courage of your convictions.

Fascism does not look kindly upon half measures, my dear Mr. Spencer. It’s always the way, though, the people who claim so much dedication to their race, to their cause, to their Kampf are the ones who can’t quite make it all the way…always try to be too cute by half…in words you’d understand, cuck out.

So, here’s the thing, those of us who paid attention to the lessons of your false promises the first time you swept to power, in exchange for the most precious possession of the People, our autonomy, no thank you. We watched to the end of the movie, we know how it turns out, and we prefer civilization to your cult of death, destruction, and absurd notions of racial heirarchy.

And remember, the stakes are already decided.

I suppose, in a way, you are right. You must conquer or die. Not your whole “race” though. Trust me chief, science and porn wins, there’s no such thing as “race.” You and yours, however, you and your twisted, misguided, fascist dreams – THOSE must conquer or die.

As I said at the beginning of this, I thought we had settled that question, it’s your call; we can run it again if you’d like.

You remember how it turned out the last time, right? The world convulsed with violence until the Fascists quit. Broken. Repudiated. Shown to be the liars and charlatans that you are.

You aren’t the only ones who fondly remember the destruction of the enemy and a jealousness of a previous generation who earned the title Anti-Fascist.

That title is one, if necessary, we will earn again.

We’re here.

Let’s Play.

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