The Roof, the Roof, The Roof is on Fire…We Don’t Need no Water Let the Debt Ceiling Burn, Burn Mother F, Burn!

2011 August 8

by Roy W. Bakos

Some musings on the recent events of the Summer of our political discontent…

How is it that only about 1% of this country can understand easy mathematics?  We are 14 Trillion US Dollars in Debt as a Nation.  Over the Last Decade, the cost of the conflicts (I refuse to call them wars anymore until Congress acts responsibly and declares them to be such…until then, they are conflicts, military actions, the arm of American Empire, or whatever else you may want to call them that is not spelled using the letters w, a, and r in that order) in Iraq and Afghanistan and the revenue lost by the Bush/Obama Tax Cuts equals 14 Trillion Dollars.  Fold up our tents in The Middle East and Near Asia and simply let the Bush tax cuts expire and in a decade we will no longer have a deficit if spending were to remain at 2010 levels.  In fact, if we legalized drugs and taxed their production and sale while cutting funding for the failed policies of drug illegality and imprisonment for drug offenses, we could probably have a surplus in the Treasury before the next decade is up.

Speaking of taxes…stop calling them “revenue enhancement” or some other made up bullshit name and call them taxes.  We all (unless we are really, really rich or happen to be large “free-market” corporations that are subsidized by the government through tax cuts) have to pay them and we should just call them what they are, taxes.

Next: if Standard and Poor’s wants to downgrade our credit rating, perhaps we should charge them with a crime for falsely stating that “mortgage backed securities” were safe investments up though the beginning of 2008.  If you don’t remember, it was those exact “mortgage backed securities” that the assbags at S&P said were good and safe investments (they had at least a AA Rating) which caused the financial mess that we are now in.  They, along with the criminals at Goldman and other financial firms, knew that these things were worthless and they perpetrated a lie to the rest of us to get rich.  Somehow, we let these guys be in charge of our credit rating and we are the worse for it.  If they were to be charged with complacency in bringing about the largest financial crime in the history of the modern world, I wonder how long our rating as a nation would remain “downgraded?”

On to misinformation and weakness: let’s give a big hand to our Capitulator-in-Chief, President Barak Obama.  I worked for the President during his campaign because I too had the audacity to hope that I was making a difference in helping to elect someone that would call truth to power and fight for the common man.  I will not be doing so again.  It has saddened me to realize that I helped to elect a President who has continued the failed policies of the previous Administration in regards to the “conflicts” that we are in.  I helped to elect a President that bailed out the banks because they were too big to fail but who has done nothing to put ordinary Americans back to work.  Health Care?  Medicare for all or a “public option” turned into mandatory insurance with billions of dollars going to the private insurance companies that helped to ruin the current healthcare system.  The Patriot Act, Guantanamo, and Civil Rights?  Nothing has been done to end the egregious parts of the Patriot Act.  Nothing has been done to close down Guantanamo.  As for Civil Rights, I can still be declared an enemy combatant by the President and disappeared through rendition, even if I am an American Citizen.  In every situation where this President had the opportunity to make a difference for ordinary Americans, he has dropped the ball and given momentum to the forces in this Country that want the status-quo to remain and be strengthened.  Instead of fighting for the things which he said he stood for on the campaign trail, the  President has negotiated all of his ideals away for  little in immediate return.  Strength has been turned into weakness while ploughshares have been turned into swords (or while the use of them has been outsourced to China in the name of greater corporate profit) and the audacity of hope has become merely hopelessness.

My only hope is that we can have a legitimate outside candidate emerge from the left of the spectrum to challenge this President in a primary.  A two party system with no viable alternatives is bad enough but it now seems like we are closer to having a one party system made up of Demcorpratists and Republocorpratists on opposite sides, with a rainbow flag on one wall and a picture of Jesus and a Bald Eagle on the other wall, of the same political space.
This is the danger that Eisenhower was worried about when he gave that whole “military-industrial” speech 50 years ago and it is about time that we recognized it and did something about it.

Happy Summer!  At least we have football to look forward to…wait, I live in Buffalo.

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  1. August 10, 2011

    While I agree with your premise, anger, and ennui about our current situation, I must quarrel with your numbers. Below are actual numbers for the factors you’ve claimed equal our total national debt. Unfortunately, your plea for people to understand “easy math,” falls short when your math is not accurate.

    -”$1.26 trillion, with $797.3 billion to Iraq and $459.8 billion to Afghanistan, to date.”

    -”The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts added about $1.7 trillion to deficits between 2001 and 2008. Because they (were) financed by borrowing — which increases the national debt — this figure includes the extra interest costs resulting from that additional debt. This figure also includes the cost of ‘patching’ the Alternative Minimum Tax to keep the tax from hitting millions of upper-middle-class households, a problem the tax cuts helped cause. Over the next decade (2009-2018), making the tax cuts permanent would cost $4.4 trillion, assuming that the tax cuts remain deficit-financed.”

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