OBL and the Sad Necessity

2011 May 4

By Wesley M. Brown

That SOB surely deserved to die if anyone did. He earned it in spades, and we should feel not the slightest bit of shame about it. To adapt Hunter S. Thompson :” If Osama bin Laden lives, then something better has died”.

But our national reaction was not as appropriate as I’d hoped. Killing OBL was a sad necessity for our nation, nothing more. While I exempt all those who lost someone on 9/11 and in our two wars, the rest of us could have and should have reacted with far more sadness and regret than we did.

Yes, people in other countries have street demonstrations at the slightest provocation. Why shouldn’t we? Because we are not like other nations. Because we have a system, however flawed, that does not encourage such killings as a matter of course. Because our system is not the evil OBL warned all of his supporters about. Because, we should have been able to admit the sad necessity of killing him.

Justice was served by his death, no doubt. And, I hope that it will send some shockwaves throughout the radical Islamist world that we are tired of their bullshit. OBL is hopefully toasting in the flames of hell for all of the suffering he caused to innocents.

But we should not be fooled that the world will be any more or less safe by his death. The business of terror will continue simply because it is an economic enterprise, not a religious or social one.

Pick your favorite charity dedicated to the eradication of a disease. While their mission is always finding the “cure” for any given malady, deep down the people who run the charity don’t really want their disease to be cured. That would be like killing the goose that lays the golden egg. No, it’s far better for them to inspire hope that a cure could be found (even if that is not true) and all it will take is your tax-deductible donation to fiund it, at some unspecified date in the future.

Terrorism is exactly the same. No honest terrorist really wants an Islamic world. Pray for it, fight for it, plan for it, blow things up for it, but for Allah’s sake DO NOT actually accomplish it, even on a small scale, or all of them will be searching for new employment.

Regrettably, terrorism is and will remain a hydra of sorts. Another OBL will arise from obscurity and pick up the mantle soon enough. But, for now, the world gets a few nights rest.

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