If It Is By Us and For Us Then We Are It, Right?

2010 July 28

Since I am still naive enough to believe in all of that civics shit that they learned us in school, I still believe that in our form of Republic that the government is us.  The people.  The consent of the governed.  That is why I believe that the only way to change the things that I believe need to be changed is though the government/people and though public shame for those that violate this trust from the people as well.
Really, no shit here.  By,of, and for the people…this is the American promise and the America that I believe in and the America that we should all strive to live in.  Government can only “impose its will upon us” when we allow it to.  As for the other stuff like banking regulations and the rest, do you, or anyone that takes your “less is more” approach across the board in regards to government, really believe that Wall Street will police itself without regulatory bodies?  That the purity of the human heart and mind alone will eliminate racism or prejudice?  That all of the stuff in the Bill of Rights and the subsequent Amendments are things that could exist without government or rules to enforce them?
I do not hold that government “should be responsible for bringing wealth, happiness, and liberty to the populace” as you say…I only hold that government, especially one that is us, is required to make sure that all of its people have the same access and rules of fair play governing how the people can do this for themselves.
Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Roy The Cat Herder

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