Grass in June

2010 June 3

by Roy W. Bakos

Just some random thoughts while staying in on a Thursday night…

This BP Oil leak is absolutely awful and is going to completely alter the natural and human landscape of the Gulf of Mexico for years to come.  It is time that we get beyond politics here and get to the real answer which is that we must get off of our oil addiction as soon as possible.  If this isn’t proof that removing what is left of the oil that is underground won’t be easy and with out major risk, then nothing is.  Hydrogen fuel cells, batteries, solar, geothermal, even limited nuclear energy is better than all of this.  We have the technology (The Apollo missions to the moon were powered by battery, fuel cell, and computers that were less powerful than our cell phones over 40 years ago).  What we need is the will to force our government to stop subsidizing oil companies (though tax breaks and military protection in parts of the world where they aren’t liked) and instead start to fund and subsidize new and green energy development.  If we don’t do what we should have started to do in 1975 now, the next disaster will be even more horrific than the great spill of 2010.

I really like Cornel West.  He is smart, honest, full of conviction, and not afraid to question orthodoxy on all side of an issue.  I had the pleasure of watching him dominate a discussion on this week’s edition of Real Time and started to wish that he was our first black president…

I am working on developing a new economic theory to replace the one that is dominating the world right now.  Really.  I would like some input or suggestions on this from anyone that cares to offer one.  Corporatism/Free- Marketeering/Mercantilism is only a new name for the feudal system that all of our ancestors left Europe and the old world over and Communism doesn’t work in a room full of people for very long.  Capitalism as practiced and talked about by Adam Smith only exists at local levels and in very specific markets and unfortunately devolves into the model of our world economy now.
This is what I have so far:  we must have a system that takes the individual needs of all of the citizens on this planet into consideration; this economic system can’t infringe on personal liberty; it has to encourage cooperation between people and countries and discourage conflict; it must address the fact that resources for survival are only scarce because a ruling class makes them so; and it must address the existence of this ruling class and make things more equitable for all of humanity.  No child should die of starvation.  No sick person should die for lack of medical care.  No talent should go un-nurtured or undeveloped.  No one person or small percentage of people should be able to engage in activities that destroy our planet, squander our resources, or kill people in order to dominate them and profit from their misery.  Again, please forward any suggestions on how to make this happen or tell me I am a complete loon if you think that is the case as well.  Just tell me why so I can adjust my thoughts on this.  Seriously.

Yes I am in favor of legalizing grass.  In fact, if we all started calling it grass or weed again, it would become even more innocuous than it already is in the eyes of the public and it would probably be legalized soon.  How can something as innocent as grass be illegal?  Retake the word grass and watch what happens.  Please join me in this movement to adjust perception.

Finally, contentment comes from acceptance and from letting go of desire and letting life unfold before you.  Enjoy summer.

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