Doublespeak Anyone?

2010 August 3

by Roy W. Bakos

Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, in an attempt to paint the release of classified documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as immoral, this week stated that, “But there’s also a moral culpability. And that’s where I think the verdict is ‘guilty’ on WikiLeaks. They have put this out without any regard whatsoever for the consequences.”  Nice try Mr. Gates, but you, and your administration, fail here.

If this “leak” helps to end the bankrupting (both morally and fiscally) wars in Central Asia any faster, then WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Bradley Manning (the US Military employee that leaked the papers to Assange) should be nominated for and given the Nobel Peace Prize.  The documents that have been released so far have shown a level of incompetence and immorality not seen in this country since the release of the Pentagon Papers in the late 1960’s.  Our “friends” in the region are using our money and technology to arm our “enemies” which directly results in US and civilian casualties and Mr. Gates has the gall to say that the release of this information is immoral?  He should be forced to resign immediately as we begin a draw-down of historic proportions.

Unfortunately, this is where my good friend Wes has been right in his arguments over the last few weeks.  This will not happen because no one cares.  Millions dead and displaced; millions radicalized against us in the third world; tens of thousands of American military families having to deal with physical and mental wounds that do not easily heal; and not one real protest or demonstration or call to get out.  The sheep have spoken and have let the government know that as long as we have cable TV and a bunch of cars and the American way of life secure over here that we really do not care.  Shame on Mr. Gates (may a special place in hell be reserved for him, Rumsfeld, and all of the others that have lied and cajoled us into the Empire in which we now seem to live).  Shame on President Obama for not keeping his campaign promises on this issue.  Most of all, shame on us for doing nothing about this.  Be sure to wash the blood off of your hands while reaching for the remote control, I will.

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