A Quick Bit on the Occupation

2011 October 12

by Roy W. Bakos

This is an attempt to answer the the whole “coherent idea” attack as it applies to the Wall Street Occupation…having a single pointed group of ideas that fit on a business card is part of the problem.  This stuff is not about a sound bite, it is about ideas.  Our Revolution was underway for about 15 years before Jefferson set pen to paper and wrote the Declaration and codified the ideas behind it.  What is happening and growing out there (and I do hope it continues to grow), in New York and around the Country, is a message sent by a bunch of people that are finally letting Wall Street, DC, and local leaders know that they are pissed at the way things are done.  People are pissed about how elections seem to be bought and paid for.  People are pissed that some trader in a suit can wipe out your retirement fund and be rewarded for it. People are pissed at the nameless, faceless, machine that is corporate fascism which has threatened to destroy our Republic for the last 40 years (and at various times in our past as well…see Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath for the 1930’s version).  That anger, and the public show of it, is good enough for me right now.  Let the 1% know that they are outnumbered a bit and maybe our “leaders” will start to offer up some real changes to a very, very, very broken political/economic system.

This is how lasting change happens.  The Suffragette Movement started almost a century before women were finally granted the right to vote.  The Civil Rights Movement started when we were still a colony and is still not finished with the work that needs to be done.  Our very Republic has its roots in ancient Greece and Rome and is part of an enlightened thought process that started centuries before the first Europeans set foot in what is now North America.  Political and Social movements are often born out of turmoil.  Let us hope that the current tumult propels us forward to a new and better reality.  Until then, let the occupation continue!

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