A Photo and a Great Comment by My Friend Ethan

2011 March 26

by Roy W. Bakos

This is the power of facebook.  A good friend of mine posted this photo and a long comment thread ensued.  This bit of wisdom came off of the typewriter of my friend Ethan, who now lives in North Carolina.  Thanks for this Ethan.  The photo, which a very temperamental WordPress will not let me upload right now, is of a Hummer with a license plate that reads NOWIND.  You can see the photo here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150117689107469&set=a.449477312468.263764.555302468

Ethan’s response is as follows:

“I think there is really an incredibly complex socio-political statement going on here. Bear with me because the logic gets a little convoluted: According to Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), “Wind is God’s way of balancing heat…massive switches to …[wind] energy slows the winds down, which causes the temperature to go up?”. So as we can see from this erudite logic; wind power causes global warming, not this fine American and his patriotic “American” automobile. This good American has been able to fend off the advancing wind forces so far, and since there is snow visible in the picture, that is iron-clad proof that he has been successful and “Global Climate Change” is not true, but rather a myth constructed by Obama funded scientists to protect their precious government grant money. So while he “appears” to be a douchebag of the highest degree, he’s “actually” an informed, concerned citizen out to protect us all from the Socialist/Marxist cabal currently ruining our country and their stated intention to install Sharia law and force us all to gay marry aborted illegal Mexican alien fetuses while burning an American flag and sending your grandmother to a death panel. Also, 9/11.”
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