A Midsummer Night’s Complaint

2010 July 22

by Roy W. Bakos

Midsummer news leads to the blues…some reflections on recent events and stuff…
I think that it is time that we all demand some fact-checking from our media sources.  Really.  All of them.  The recent travesty of a doctored film that caused the resignation of Shirley Sherrod, a well-meaning non-racist, on allegations of racism should be the point where we all as media consumers, demand that our “News Organizations” start checking their sources regularly.  It is bad enough that millions of people rely on non-fact-checked internet sources for “news” (Barak Obama is a foreign-born Muslim, right?) but when our so-called real news sources are so lazy as to not even check if the third party video they are airing is an outright fake, a real problem that adds to the discord in this country happens.  Misinformation that is spouted as fact is more harmful to discourse and discussion than ignorance.  In fact, it increases ignorance and idiocy tenfold.  Mea culpas are not enough.  We must turn off the news until they actually fulfill their jobs as the fifth estate of the body politic again.  No more infotainment…just fact-checked news please.
Read excerpts from this month’s Playboy interview with Cornel West here: http://www.playboy.com/articles/cornel-west-playboy-interview .  I know that I have said it before but I really wish that would consider running for office as an alternative to the corporatist democrats and republicans that we are forced to choose between…although he might just be too smart and honest to get elected.
On that note, I don’t know that I have ever been this let down and discouraged by the state of politics in this country.  It was easy to be disillusioned during the Bush years.  The stripping away of civil liberties, illegal wars, corporate pigs chowing at the public trough like none since the years before the first great depression…these are all things to be discouraged about but I always held out the hope that they would end with the election of our current President and the “Change: promised by his campaign.  Unfortunately, after only 19 months since attending the Inauguration filled with hope, I now feel like I have been stood up on prom night by President O.  We are still at war in two countries at a cost that is bankrupting our Nation.  Gitmo is still open.  The Patriot Act is still in place.  The Health Care reform is a small bullshit-laden farce.  The same goes for Chris Dodd’s Banking reform bill.  The criminals on Wall Street are still in charge led by their boy in the White House, Tiny Tim, and no one has or will be charged with a crime in regards to the looting of our treasury by the banks.  Oil Companies have run amok over the entirety of the Southern United States.  All of this is still happening and no one really seems to give a shit and I am somehow supposed to feel good about the state of the Country and be happy that we are heading in the right direction.  Bullshit.
That is it.  Hopefully, something will have happened between now and the next time that I write that will make me feel a bit happier about the state of things.

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