The Free State of Niagara…

2009 December 14

by Roy W. Bakos

My obsession with hockey and Canada has resulted in this.  Just last year, before the Presidential election but after the economic collapse, my answer for the region in which I live was to split off and form the Free State of Niagara.  Just last week, on the BBC late at night, an American social scientist and economist was advocating the localization of economies.  Had he intercepted my e-mail?  Just in case he is reading this, here is my original proposal for the Free State of Niagara originally sent as an e-mail to the other founder’s of the Moose.

Our flag can be a Beaver holding a Maple leaf in front of Buffalo City Hall.  This secession thing could be fun!

I want to make the Break even smaller…I propose the creation of the Free State of Niagara which will stretch from the eastern suburbs of Toronto, north to James Bay, southeast to Kitchener (and Stratford), across the lake to the NY PA line up around Jamestown (a small sliver about 20 miles wide that runs along the Lake until you get to Ellicotville and Holiday Valley…we must have a great place to ski) and north along the Erie and Niagara county borders to Lake Ontario.  We will have great cities (Buffalo and Toronto), the largest Hydroelectric plant in the country after Hoover Dam, unlimited amounts of freshwater, great farmland, awesome fisheries, tons of wineries, two NHL Hockey teams, two professional baseball teams, one professional football team, one professional basketball team, one professional soccer team, over 30 working theatre companies, two world class philharmonics, amazing historical, architectural, and cultural institutions, two med schools, two law schools, two major research universities, about 45 other places for higher learning, and a natural wonder of the world to insure a huge influx of tourist dollars all in a country the size of Belgium.  Not bad.  What job do you want in our new country?  Let me know.  Hope to see you soon.  Long Live the Free State of Niagara!

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