Unofficial Election Results: 2009 Annapolis General Election

2009 November 4

by Michael Parmele

Below, fellow Moose (Roy, this truly should be the term we use to describe ourselves, “Moosers” just won’t cut it, besides, it seems to be more adverbial, i.e., “one who mooses,” but  I digress) please find the unofficial results for the 2009 General Election for the city of Annapolis, MD. 

“Why?” you might ask, should you desire to find said results below?  Because this is an election for which I was a member of the Board of Supervisors.  Board of Elections in simple terms. 

I will write more extensively about my experience on the Board and the experience of this election, after we have certified the election results after tomorrow’s canvass of absentee and provisional ballots. 

I will tell you that this election did have some elements of drama, hijinks, and behavior that shows that politics brings out the true character of people.  But that talk is for later. 

Enjoy, MOOSE(ers, one last time for Roy)!

  Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8 Total
Cohen (d) 570 603 411 396 435 345 418 551 3729
Cordle (r) 603 576 164 177 771 105 299 699 3394
Fox (i) 152 156 61 57 141 65 140 195 967
City Council Races
Ward 1 Israel (d) 1097
Ward 2 Paone (r) 920
Ward 3 Hoyle (d) 400 Bowling (r) 270
Ward 4 Finlayson (d) 468
Ward 5 Silverman (d) 775 Conley (r) 533
Ward 6 Kirby (d) 492 Stiverson (d) 208
Ward 7 Pfeiffer (d) 492 Monteith (r) 439
Ward 8 Arnett (d) 757 Toews (r) 655
FYI: there are 259 absentee ballots left to count with today being the deadline to receive any other absentee ballots.
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