“We the people, in order to form a more Perfect Union…”

These words have been etched in the American Psyche for over 230 years. Unfortunately, many of us feel that the government and society that was thrust upon the world with these very words has lost its way. “We the people” has oftentimes been replaced by we the corporation, we the special interest, or at worst “me” the people. It also sometimes seems as if the government created by, of, and for “us” is none of the three. The system of two party rule that has dominated our political landscape has turned into a battle between two ideologies, that in spite of all of the differences between them on the surface, has produced the same poor results in governance. Common sense has been turned upside-down and the most powerful country in the world has started to act like a bit of a sick bully on the geopolitical stage. In spite of all of our riches, many in our society lack access to basic necessities like health care and energy and many have so much access to everything that they no longer appreciate the value of anything. Crises, economic, social, and political, have ravaged the fabric of our society and the only answer that the present system gives is a resounding “so what.”

It is with all of this in mind that we have come together today to resurrect the Bull Moose Party in the form of the online Journal you are now reading. Born in a similar time of tumult during the last century before its emergence as the “American” one, the Bull Moose Party was founded by former president Theodore Roosevelt to bring common sense progressive reform back to the political and social landscape. In the same spirit of common sense, we come together as Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, libertarians and socialists to try to find a common ground that will restore government to its roots and once again make it “by, of, and for the people.”

In spite of all of our differences, the six of us that have come together to make The Journal of The American Bull Moose a reality, all share the same core values. We believe that Tyranny, whether from the Left, Right, or Center of the political spectrum, is wrong and should be fought on all fronts. We believe in the core values of the United States Constitution; with special attention and emphasis being placed on The Bill of Rights. We believe that a well educated populace that is capable of and willing to engage in critical thought is necessary to fulfilling the ideals that are espoused in the above mentioned document. Finally, we believe that a free and critical press is essential to a successful republican Democracy. Unfortunately, we also believe that the Fourth-Estate in this country has become laden with entertainment masking as news that does a poor job being either free or critical in nature. It is because of this that we have come together to try to provide a forum where relevant social, cultural, and political issues can be discussed and debated with an eye towards critical discourse.

Hopefully, you will enjoy our missives and feel strongly enough to comment or to write an article or two yourself. Thanks for your time. We hope that you are engaged by what you will read here at The Journal of The American Bull Moose.

Sincerely in your service,

Roy W. Bakos

Editor and co-Founder

The Journal of The American Bull Moose